• Why do I need to use OrenVideo?

Well, you don’t! but if you have couple of minutes to hear me out, you may change your mind.

Some OrenVideo highlights:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No dependencies or any other external files/libraries used, just one small library.
  • Low memory usage! On average no more than 2.5 of your video frame size.
  • Lighting fast! Fast enough to use for in game videos, cut scenes, special effects and even UI!
  • One API to rule them all! All platforms use the same easy and simple API.
  • Internal alpha channel for transparent videos.
  • You don’t need to license an audio codec. OrenVideo comes with a built-in audio codec supporting 8:1 compression ratio.
  •  What kind of files can I convert ?

OrenVideo can convert any file that Windows or QuickTime can read and play.

  •  I get an error when trying to convert one of my videos.

This means OrenVideo doesn’t recognize this file, or:

  • The file may be corrupted.
  • The file might be an AVI or QuickTime video that uses a video codec that isn't installed or is installed improperly.

Try installing QuickTime or updating your codecs. We recommend installing a codec pack such as k-lite codec pack / windows 7 codec pack / xvid codec from xvid web site to solve codec issues.

  •  Can I play other video formats with OrenVideo?

No, OrenVideo can only play internal .ovd files and doesn’t support any other video format.

  •  I’m converting my video and I can’t see anything in the player.

Check if your video contains an alpha channel. If it doesn’t contain one, make sure the alpha channel encoding flag is not set when converting this video. (for more info see the SDK documentation)

  •  How do I know how much memory will be used when playing a specific video?

You can use the OrenVideo player and see how much memory is being used by the OrenVideo library.

  •  What resolutions are supported by OrenVideo?

OrenVideo supports any possible video resolution!

  •  Do you support HD videos?

Yes, see the previous answer…

  •  How much time it will take to integrate OrenVideo in my project?

No more than an hour (depending on your project complexity), the SDK comes with simple and easy to understand samples.

You can also contact me directly if you have problems/issues.

  •  Do I get the OrenVideo source code when I’m licensing?

No, you get an SDK. The SDK contains: tools, samples, documentation and a pre-compiled library.

  •  I’m an indie developer and the price is too high for my budget, can you do something?

In most cases I can. Please contact me and we will see what I can do for you.

  •  I’m developing a game for a few platforms, how many licenses do I need?

OrenVideo is priced per-title per-platform, so if you have 3 platforms you will need 3 licenses.

For multi-platform solutions,  Please contact me and we will try to set you a nice deal.

  •  Why the price is so high?

OrenVideo took a lot of time and research to create, with the goal of being the lowest priced solution in the market.

Please remember that you can always contact me for price issues.

  •  Why the price is so low?

That’s because I want developers with low budget the be able to enjoy a 5 stars video solution without spending half of their budget.

  • My video doesn’t look good enough, what can I do?

Make sure you use the right settings for that video.

In most cases videos will need to be converted using different quality settings.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any issue.