Here are some of OrenVideo features and why developers like it:

  • Internal alpha channel for transparent videos.
  • Simple and well documented SDK, easy to debug, integration takes less than an hour!.
  • One small library and you are set. no special system software & audio codec needed. OrenVideo is completely self-contained and does not rely on any 3rd party libraries.
  • Same API and video files on multiple platforms.
  • Highly optimized to take advantage of every platform it supports. you'll be shocked at how well it performs!
  • OrenVideo can be used for in-game videos, cut-scene videos and you can even build your entire UI with it!
  • Optimized to use minimal memory as much as possible, no need to worry about codecs that eats your memory!
  • Design to work hand by hand in multi-threaded environments.
  • OrenVideo uses full range YCbCr color space (from 0 to 255, instead of the more common 16 to 235).
  • Support both 32 & 64 bit platforms.

Internal alpha channel

OrenVideo support alpha channel encoding when you encode your video. Alpha channel is much more useful than simple color keying because you can control the transparency per pixel!
You create alpha channel video with a video editing software (like adobe after effects), or telling your 3d software (like autodesk 3dsmax) to generate alpha channel when it renders the frames.

Click here
to see real world example using OrenVideo videos with alpha channel encoding.

Full range color space VS non full range color space

OrenVideo uses full range YCbCr color space (from 0 to 255, instead of the more common 16 to 235) This makes a huge difference in gradients if you use RGB input files (make sure you don't use input files that already use a damaged color space).

Not using full range color space

Using full range color space


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