OrenVideo is an excellent and well-built tool.
It provides higher quality and better performance video than the default Unity capabilities.
Oren was incredibly helpful with support and in accommodating our unique needs.
Joshua DeBonis, Game Designer & Director, BumbleBear
Our game MISSING: An Interactive Thriller had very specific needs as far as video playback. We needed very high quality videos at a very low CPU impact. OrenVideo was a great finding and allowed us to save tones of time and research.
Our games are heavily dependent on good video performance and immediate playback and OrenVideo does just that. It is the only viable solution for in-game video textures and full HD cinematics in one package.
Very good quality. High performance. Excellent personalized support.
Simon Tremblay, President-Founder, ZandelMedia
After using Bink extensively in the XBLA version, also licensing it for PC turned out to be too expensive. We decided to try out OVD and were thoroughly impressed with the ease of integration, the simplicity of the tools and the support we got. The quality and performance of this library was on par or better for a fraction of the price.

Niv Fisher, Founder & Lead Programmer, Spiky Snail
After experimenting with multiple video solutions OrenVid proved to be the best choice for our Video solution for multiple reasons.
It is so easy to use that it took only a few hours to integrate in our infrastructure code base.
Content conversion was also very easy thanks to the various offline processing tools.
Performance are much better comparing to previous used video solutions thanks to the highly optimized library and usage of the GPU for video decoding.
Bottom line - if you need in-game video soltuion OrenVid is probably whats you are looking for.
Nir Hasson, CTO, Spivi